Akport Machinery, which operates in a closed area of 1.300 m2 in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul, is taking firm steps forward to be the solution partner of its customers by producing Plastic Film and Recycling Machines. Akport Machinery strengthens its activities by providing continuous improvement of its R&D department with reflecting the worldwide innovations in plastic technologies,

Akport Machinery, acting on an innovative and technological production strategy to satisfy its customers with its quality production and rational solutions and to be included in new markets, with this awareness, has an expanding sales network for domestic and international markets and together with its professional after-sales services, it contributes to the development of the sector every day without compromising on quality.

Apart from our mass-produced standard machines, you can contact us to get benefit from the privileges of working with us in customer-oriented solutions after the audits we will make in your factories.