General purpose packaging films, greenhouse covers, shrink films, lamination films strecthood, shrinkhood and recycle films and LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE, Mlldpe, Polyamide, EVOH and their blends to produce the desired feature of the film we offer it to our machines.

The machines we manufacture that allow the production of film with a minimum width of 1.100 mm and a maximum width of 6.000 mm. (open width maximum 12.000 mm)

With the standard raw materials usage the machines we manufacture can produce high quality film between 20 and 300 microns.

The die size of the machines we manufacture, varies between Ø 100mm and Ø1.600mm.

Films that can be produced in our machines  have Mono, ABC, ABCDE and other features.

The maximum mechanical speed of the machines we manufacture is designed to be reach at 150 meters per minute and can be increased to 250 metres depending on request

The melting capacity of our extruders is in the range of 100 to 2.000 kg/hour ±10% (@ LDPE, MFI: 0.7g/10min in simple formula).

The maximum output efficiency of our machines ranges from 80 to 2.000 kg/hr (±10% tolerance).