General Purpose Films

We design machines that the plastics industry needs, with different characteristics and the flexibility to work under production conditions for different industries. From this point of view, we provide optimum solutions in profit/cost to our customers while reflecting our technological experiences to our machines.

Agricultural Products

Supply with film production needs for the rapid growth of the world's population, the realization of the applications used and needed in the agricultural sector, and supply with the requirements for films with features that can be integrated into the system is becoming compulsory.

In this respect, we produce machines on solutions that will provide options in the following topics.

* Water Management – Mulch films / tunnel films

* Forage Protection – Silage stretch / silo bags

* Pest Control – Fumigation films

* Weed growth control – Mulch films /fumigation films

* Thermal protection – Tunnel and greenhouse films

* Product protection - netting films / awnings / anti-erosion nets

* Solarization Films

* Extrusion technologies vary from simple single-layer films to 9-layer products in new trends today. However, most applications are concentrated on 3- and 5-layer products. We offer you the most effective solutions to meet your needs in this area

Shrink Film

Shrink film usage is widely increasing worldwide. Low-cost polyethylene shrink film is manufactured on conventional equipment, with blown extrusion process. According to the application of the film, only correct selection of the processing conditions and properties of the resin is sufficient.

However, as the efficiency, quality and optimal costs are always in the forefront in the competition today, the technological capacities of the machines making this type of film are important. We design our machines that can produce according to your needs and with optimal costs with our expert staff for you.With our expert staff, we design our machines that can produce according to your needs and at optimal costs.

Strech Films

Although the concept of stretch winding is simple, it can be quite complex. Each stretch wrap layer is requested to stick to another layer, but is not required to adhere to adjacent shrink-wrapped loads or other things they come into contact with. Therefore, stretch winding has a multi-layered structure and should be produced with precision. For this reason, our expert staff designs our machines that can produce stretch film according to your needs and at optimal costs.

Lamination Films

With new demands for packaging such as extra performance requirements, product protection, fast packaging and ease of sealing, printing, handling and storage requirements, the market demand for lamination films is increasing. A single polymer cannot meet all these requirements, so multi-layered films are required. These can be prepared by sticking more layers of extrusion sphericals on existing films or by sticking existing films together. By producing machine solutions to be prepared in accordance with these processes, we ensure that our customers do their work efficiently and profitably.

Recycled Films

Today, re-evaluating plastic waste’s and producing different products has become very important in the world due to environmental consciousness. All investments made in this regard are aimed at increasing the added value and fulfilling the principles for the protection of the environment by processing the recovered raw materials and participating in the consumption cycle again. From this point of view, we design machines that allow you to produce efficient and high quality products with recycled raw materials for our customers.